The ultimate 5-star holiday surrounded by breathtaking beauty

About the Feathered Nest

"The inspiration for The Feathered Nest came from a passion for rare black cockatoos combined with a love for contemporary art. We wanted to offer guests the ultimate 5-star holiday, a private sanctuary surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of the Australian bush and its stunning native wildlife." - Gordon Lockie, owner.

Just a 30 minute drive from Mackay yet seemingly a million miles from everywhere, The Feathered Nest is a special getaway in the Australian bush. It has been carefully designed to be a unique fusion of nature and luxury with every last detail thoughtfully planned and provided.

The namesake of the retreat comes from the rare black cockatoos kept on the property. Owner Gordon Lockie is a registered breeder of the cockatoos and has a number of species in his collection which are endangered in Australia. His breeding program ensures these rare species are not lost and can be enjoyed by visitors to The Feathered Nest.

His partner Carol Forbes is an established artist who designs and constructs elaborate theatre costumes. She also creates unique sculptural pieces made from reclaimed materials such as plastic milk bottles, salvaged paper and aluminum soft drink cans. Her artistic influence means there is a studio on the property which has been purpose built to host exhibitions, workshops and forums in conjunction with the retreat activities.

Together, they have a commitment to caring for and nurturing the environment. The entire retreat is with all buildings designed with modern sustainability features in relation to energy efficiency, building materials, water consumption and waste management. Read more about the property’s eco-tourism.

Gordon and Carol, owners of The Feathered Nest

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